Ragdoll tomcat Timo plays with his fish friends

Ragdoll tomcat Timo plays with his fish friends

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Ragdoll tomcat Timo once again captivates with his charm on YouTube. A new video proves that the four-legged friend has a very special relationship with the koi in the home pond. Contrary to common clichés, Timo shows that fish are friends, not food.

Ragdoll Timo is curious and shrinks from almost nothing. In any case, the cuddly line does not seem to get enough of the koi carp in the home pond. The cat seems to have a close friendship with them.

Timo regularly visits his fish friends. It looks like he wants to catch her. The Ragdoll only welcomes the koi and even pats a specimen with its paw. And how does the fish react? He seems to be responding to the admission attempt and kissing Timo. Simply dearest!

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