Barfen on vacation: tips and alternatives

Barfen on vacation: tips and alternatives

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If you travel with your dog, you don't have to do without barbs. We'll tell you here what options you have on holiday to feed your dog fresh meat and what alternatives there are. Bassing is also possible on vacation with a dog - Shutterstock / Marek Velechovsky

Are you one of the dog owners who prefer to make the food for your four-legged friend themselves and don't like to leave their dog at home alone when going on vacation? Unfortunately, playing on vacation is not as easy as you would like to be as a convinced bartender. But: If you start preparing in time, fresh meat feeding is not a problem during the holidays.

What changes in dog food on vacation?

The holiday season is usually accompanied by more exercise for the dog. Whether running, swimming or other activities, the dog organism usually runs at full speed. It is not uncommon for four-legged friends to lose a pound or two during their time out. The right feeding is all the more important. If you should be barking your dog at home, you must take these special features into account on vacation.

Where can you buy meat for barbecuing on vacation?

Of course, it depends on where you spend your vacation, but often you can barge your dog on vacation just like you can at home - and just need to adjust the portion sizes. The requirement: a supermarket with a fresh meat counter or possibly even a butcher, where you can ask about slaughterhouse waste.

Tip: Inquire about the conditions at your destination online before you start your journey. So you can find butchers in advance who sell fresh meat to you. Vegetables with which you add barf to your feed are usually available in every supermarket. Remember to pack a blender to shred carrots and the like.

Can the fresh meat be stored on vacation?

However, all of this presupposes that there is a sufficiently large freezer area at the holiday location. So even if you can get meat for your dog's barbef, adequate storage of the meat can be a problem. Accommodations such as hotels or camping cabins do not always have a refrigerator. In this case, it is important to rely on alternatives.

Barfen in the dog: What to look for when feeding fresh meat?

"Back to fresh meat" is the credo of the Barf supporters - "Barf" stands for "Biologically ...

What are alternatives to baref on vacation?

If you are unable to obtain fresh meat for the dog or store it appropriately, there is still a barf substitute. For example, you can use dry meat, which you can simply soak in water on site and then serve to your four-legged friend.

Another replacement option where your animal friend doesn't have to do without his valuable fresh meat: pure meat cans. The food is particularly suitable for bridging the time when you may not yet be able to shop at the holiday destination because you are arriving on a Sunday, for example.

The canned meat can contain offal, rumen, bone and cartilage and muscle meat, among other things, and can easily be enriched with vegetables and oil. It is a good basis for a meat-heavy diet for your dog, which is what the bartending demands.

As a dog owner, you have even less effort when bartending on vacation if you switch to wet food at short notice. A complete feed does not only have a high meat content, but also contains a mix of vitamins, fiber and minerals.

Tip: If you opt for an alternative to barf on vacation, then it is best to change your dog's diet a week before the start of your trip. In this way, your four-legged friend's digestive tract gets used to the replacement food very slowly. After the vacation, it's the other way around. Then it is important to carefully switch your four-legged friend back to barf.