Fluffy Persian cat is hungry

Fluffy Persian cat is hungry

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But then someone knows exactly what he wants. This cute Persian cat shows its owner with clear signals that it is time to eat.

"Hunger!" Says the gray Persian cat to her owner - but she lets actions speak more than words. The fluffy velvet paw sits in front of her food plate and looks expectantly at the filming mistress. When she asks the house tiger if he wants some milk, the answer is clear: the cute Persian cat starts pounding on the plate with its paw.

The hungry cat rattles to the rhythm with the food plate on the tiles. The velvet paw says nothing and does not move, but just clatters with the plate - such a smart guy! Mistress is also quickly convinced and starts to prepare the food for the four-legged darling.
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Fluffy, lovely and beautiful: the Persian cat