Husky: This is important when it comes to posture

Husky: This is important when it comes to posture

Since the husky was bred as a sled and working dog, there are a number of things you should keep in mind. The beautiful four-legged friend with the blue eyes is quite demanding when it comes to care and exercise. Keeping a husky is not that straightforward - Image: Shutterstock / SVPhilon

The strong urge to move is particularly characteristic of the husky and its nature. This comes primarily from the dog's keeping as a sleigh and workhorse with the Inuit in Northern Siberia. A pure life in the apartment is absolutely not the right thing for the four-legged friend. So it is best to be clear in advance whether you can meet the high demands of this active animal in terms of space and movement.

The Husky: A sociable bundle of energy

But you shouldn't only know how to deal with the husky's energy. When it comes to education, a strong hand is also required - because the husky can have a thick skull. When keeping such a four-legged friend, you should also consider that he needs a "pack leader" that he has around him as often as possible. He is not happy to be alone. Blue-eyed working dogs usually get along well with children. It is only important that he knows where his place in the pack, that is: in the family, is. Basically, the husky is happy about playmates - both in the form of people and in the form of other dogs.

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Care and maintenance: important tips

In general, a husky naturally feels more comfortable at lower temperatures than in midsummer - this is due to the nature of its origin. The fact that it can defy ice-cold polar air without any problems can be seen above all from the fur of the four-legged friend: Especially in winter it is quite dense and has a thick undercoat. In summer, the wolf-like dog then loses a lot of hair. Daily sucking during the change of fur shouldn't be a problem if you are considering keeping one of these great animals. Apart from that, it is enough to brush the husky now and then to remove loose hair.