Cat in dummy pregnancy: symptoms

Cat in dummy pregnancy: symptoms

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A fake pregnancy in cats usually occurs a few weeks after the animal was in heat. A hormonal change is responsible for this. Here we tell you what symptoms appear when your darling is hypnotized. A sham pregnancy gives the cat a feeling of motherhood - Image: Shutterstock / Wesley-Aston

It is important to recognize the symptoms of false pregnancy in cats early on, because the sudden hormonal change is not so easy for your animal. While this is not a threatening disease, your cat will need special loving care during this time and may need a few diversions by playing.

Cat is sham pregnant: what is the cause?

If the cat is hypocritical, the cause is often a hormonal change. A few weeks after the animal was in heat, prolactin is increasingly released into its body. This stimulates milk production. At the same time, however, there is a sharp decrease in the pregnancy hormone progesterone.

Visible changes in the cat

If the cat has a pseudo pregnancy, this means, among other things, physical changes in the animal. In cats, the hypnotism often manifests itself in that it increases in body size due to the hormone release. A big belly is not uncommon.

In addition, the mammary glands are greatly enlarged. But that's not all: Some animals also produce milk during sham pregnancy. They also clean themselves a lot, especially on the suckles. Since there is a risk of infection from constant cleaning, you should distract them from it, for example by asking them to play.

If you are unsure whether your cat is sham pregnant or actually pregnant, you should see a veterinarian. You can also ask him if you can alleviate the symptoms of fake pregnancy (which is safe for the cat) with preparations.

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Behavioral changes in sham pregnancy

The hormonal changes can also cause your cat to pretend to be pregnant, even though she is not expecting babies. Even domestic cats that have no contact with other house tigers can suddenly experience behaviors that cat mothers usually expect.

The animal suddenly develops mother feelings and begins to set up a nest. Your cat may be looking for hidden corners and carrying toys or soft toys there. Owners then usually discover that she treats her toy like a kitten, cleans it or takes special care of it.

Towards you, the cat can suddenly change during sham pregnancy. Some bogus animals are unusually cuddly and clingy. Others keep their distance and become aggressive when someone comes too close to their toy or the built nest. Appetite changes - less or more hunger than usual - can also occur.

Mock pregnancy despite castration - is that possible?

Can a cat get sham pregnant despite castration? No, this is not possible after a proper castration. Because once the four-legged friend is castrated, it does not become ruffled or show-prone, let alone pregnant.

However, exceptions are velvet paws, which suffer from the so-called Ovarian Remnant syndrome. This is also known as ovarian rest syndrome. It is when there are remnants of the ovaries in her body after castration of the cat. If this is the case, the cat can become spotty and spurious despite castration. If the residual tissue of the ovaries is removed, the Ovarian Remnant Syndrome resolves.