Cats and Witches - Chilling Stories and Legends

Cats and Witches - Chilling Stories and Legends

Even today, there are those who believe in the pact between cats and witches. And this comes from the Middle Ages, when women considered witches had felines, mainly in black, who were seen as a paranormal or even diabolical pair.

Many things have evolved, modernization has brought cars, computers, verticalization of cities, information that circulates “through the clouds”, but prejudice in the concept cats and witches Still exist. If a person has a gift for feeling something, it is considered "magic" or seen with evil eyes. And if she has a cat, whatever breed or coat tone she has, this gift is associated with his supernatural powers to predict events or even prophesy.

The times when there was no prejudice between cats and witches

These pussies have been domesticated over time, but legends and stories show them since ancient Egypt accompanying witches and goddesses for their divine power. They were considered healers and, if they died, they received a great ritual and were then guarded by their owner. If they were murdered, the criminal was punished with death.

There was also no evil belief evaluating cats and witchcraft in Persia and China. Even in many of these places, mistreating a feline was as if it were hurting its own spirit. They were seen as benefactors and the deities used them in their rituals as companions for spells of fertility, protection, happiness, in addition to the Roman goddess Diana taking the form of a cat several times.

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Black cats and witches: when everything made it feel like Halloween all year!

It was only the medieval period that everything changed. Today we have the 31st of October to celebrate "Halloween", but women who were judged like that and had their cats had to deal with fears and superstitions all the time. In Japan, they thought that cats could kill people and take their forms, in addition to Buddhism that cats were associated with the serpent, the fruits of sin.

The chase between cats and witches it also continued when they were targeted as malefactors, especially black pussies, and were accused of having pacts with evil forces, threatened and often condemned to be burned. All the bad events that happened in the neighborhood were attributed to them and, thus, they suffered intimidation and mistreatment.

However, fortunately, in the middle of the 21st century, we know that the bad luck is for those who have prejudice against black cats, since they are docile, friends and companions. And that witches exist for those who believe and do good for those who deserve it. So, this Halloween, enjoy and have fun as a person who thinks wisely, never with assumptions!

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