Mother tries to teach baby "mom" - dog answers

Mother tries to teach baby "mom" - dog answers

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"Mom, tell mom!" - A mother from Utah only wanted to teach her child the word "mom". That she then heard it from someone else not only caused a surprise, but also a lot of laughter on top of that.

In the video, the mother sits on the couch and holds food in a plastic box in her hands. Her baby Sam stands in front of her and looks at her with wide eyes. Right next to it: Patch, an Australian Shepherd. The dog and baby both look greedily at mom's food.

It is with this that the mother tries to get her child to speak. Again and again she repeats the word "mom" - in the hope that Sam will harm her. But nothing happens to the little one - also in view of a reward. Patch is all the more surprising.

The four-legged friend howls with the food, until his sounds actually sound like the word "mom". Of course, this creates a lot of laughs. But it doesn't stop there: the whole thing gets funnier when Baby Sam suddenly realizes that his animal friend is stealing the limelight from him. Of course, the little one can't let that sit on him.

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