Dog Mania - How to Correct Compulsive Habits

Dog Mania - How to Correct Compulsive Habits

Some habits of your dog can be considered just a mania of dog, as, for example, chasing its own tail, scratching its ear, among others. But one must pay attention to such manias, because sometimes they become compulsive, in which case, your dog may be harmed.

Causes of compulsive behavior in dogs

There are countless causes that can trigger a dog craze repetitive. It may be a predisposition inherited due to a chemical imbalance of neurotransmitters in the brain, but it can also be associated with stress and anxiety, either because of the environment where the dog lives or because of the relationships with people around him - the arrival of a baby in the family is a good example.

Self-mutilation, for example, is very common in cases of an animal or a new person in the house. The dog does to get the attention of its owner and not lose its space for the new member of the family. A simple way to deal with this is, when you get home, the owner gives attention to the oldest dog first, so that he realizes that he still has the main attention of the house. The care to be taken with this, however, is that noticing the dog biting may not be a sign of jealousy, but rather of some skin disease, such as scabies.

What to do with dog manias?

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If you notice that the dog craze that your pet has acquired can be harmful to him, it is recommended that you make some changes. Provide an adequate space for his needs, such as exercising, playing, in short, so that he spends time and energy. If your dog is very sociable, avoid leaving him alone for too long, this can cause anxiety and stress.

You need to train your dog to stop practicing compulsive mania. This must be done in order to show that what he is doing is wrong, that is, make some uncomfortable noise every time you catch him scratching his ear - as long as you notice that he is a compulsive mania -, if he is sociable, the leave it alone for a few minutes. Click here and see some easy training tips.

Do not distract him by giving him toys or treats, as he will understand that he is actually being rewarded and will repeat the mania even more. Be careful with your tone of voice when scolding him. If your dog is needy, and this is the cause of compulsive mania, the simple fact that you are - in a distorted way - paying attention to him will be enough to motivate him to continue with the dog mania.

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