Dog vs. Baby: who is more patient?

Dog vs. Baby: who is more patient?

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The following video is about who can be more patient: a dog or a baby? There will be: Shiba Haru and the boy Abram.

The unequal duo is served different meals. From a potato, an apple to an orange to a carrot, there is a lot. The result: as soon as the food is placed in front of the two, Baby Abram is the first to get it - especially with his favorite food.

In fairness, however, you have to say that the little boy shares his favorite snack with Haru's fur nose. This is really more than just dearest!

But what is Haru doing all the time? The four-legged friend is just sitting there. He doesn't seem to care much about the goodies - at least until his favorite snack lands on the "table". In that case, Haru is faster than Abram. Otherwise, it is pretty clear which of the two is the more patient!

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