Cans vs. sachets - which solution for whom?

Cans vs. sachets - which solution for whom?

In addition to a large selection of types and flavors of cat food, you will also find various types of packaging in stores. The most popular of them are cans and sachets. We present both solutions.

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Feeding time is one of the nicest moments in the daily schedule of each purr. For good reason - proper nutrition is crucial to your cat's health and well-being. Being aware of this, caregivers carefully choose food for their pets. This, in turn, requires a number of decisions ... Good composition is essential, but there is also the question of packaging. Many a cat lover is faced with a dilemma: cans or sachets? Which of these options is better?

Something for everyone

In today's world, the variety of goods on store shelves can make you dizzy. Usually, we start by choosing the type of food and then check what the different producers have to offer. Once we have decided on a specific line and composition, the last step remains. It is an indication of the capacity and packaging. At this point, we usually have to consider what we want to choose: cans or sachets? Many people do not notice the difference and are only guided by the price. Wrong! The choice must be adjusted, inter alia, to the individual needs of the cat, the number of pets at home or the circumstances related to feeding.

A can of sundries

Canned food has enjoyed unflagging popularity for years. Wet cat food, packaged in this way, constitutes the lion's share of the offer of most producers. No wonder - we like what we are used to and the cans have many advantages. Below we present the most important ones.

Advantages of canned food:
  • This is the most popular type of packaging, which translates into a huge selection of products. You can buy almost any cat's wet food in a can.
  • The cans come in many capacities - from tiny (with a portion "at a time") to large, 400-gram packages. Depending on the number of cats we have at home, we can easily choose the most optimal option.
  • A wide range of food consistencies - meat pieces in sauce, jelly, pates. You can choose the color - depending on the preferences of the little one.
  • They are economical - in terms of price, large-capacity cans often come out more favorably than small ones, which is important from the point of view of the guardian of several cats.

However, it should be remembered that if we do not use the entire content immediately after opening, the food should be transferred to another closed container or the open can tightly covered - usually special rubber lids are used for this purpose - and stored in the refrigerator.

A sachet - always at hand

Karma in sachets appeared in cat homes a little later, but quickly found a crowd of devoted followers. Many cat lovers prefer it to the cans for many reasons. Which of them can be considered key?

Advantages of feed in sachets
  • Convenience of use - the sachets are easy to open and empty, without having to reach e.g. for cutlery.
  • You can take them with you everywhere - due to the shape of the sachet, it is easier to put into a backpack or purse. They weigh less, so they are better suited for trips.
  • If necessary, you can feed the purr straight from the sachet - e.g. during a stop on the route.
  • Easy storage - most of the sachets are sealed, so that even after opening the food is well protected.

Cans or sachets? What, when and for whom?

As you can see, it is difficult to clearly indicate what is a better solution. The choice depends on the needs and preferences of the cat lover, which may change depending on the situation. Cans are good for everyday use, in domestic circumstances and - due to their capacity - with many cats to feed. The sachets provide greater flexibility and save time - it is more convenient to take them on the road, they are easy to open and secure, without having to reach for additional accessories. It should not be surprising that most cat lovers use both solutions, buying their cats both cans and sachets at the same time.

While the packaging is important, let's not forget that it will always be of secondary importance - we absolutely put the content first! For a cat to enjoy its health and well-being, the food must be of high quality, tailored to the needs of the carnivore. Grain fillers, preservatives and flavor enhancers are elements that should not be included. These criteria are met by Dolina Noteci Premium - a new line of wholesome wet food for cats in many flavors. Each of the dishes contains a large amount of meat and animal products, a complex of essential vitamins and minerals and taurine, which is very important for a cat. The compositions inspired by home-made meals are simple, without preservatives and artificial flavors.

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