Mastiff puppy stunned: "Whoops, what is that? Ah, water!"

Mastiff puppy stunned: "Whoops, what is that? Ah, water!"

Splash, splash, paw wet! The sugar-sweet mastiff puppy in this video is allowed to drive to the beach with his owners for the first time. But what are the large amounts of water that are heading for the young dog? Oh soooo, waves!

While the dog owner is already standing in the water and holding the camera in the direction of his favorite, the puppy carefully sniffs the cool water with his nose. "What is that? And why is it moving so strongly?" The mastiff seems to ask himself and shrinks as the waves move directly towards him.

"But I want to play with my owner so much! I have to be brave!", The fearless four-legged friend thinks and hops towards his owner - only to immediately pull out on the first oncoming wave. The young dog tries several times to face his "opponent", but prefers to wait for his protector in the shallower part of the wide sea. Little scaredy!

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