Cute French bulldog overwhelmed by the new bed

Cute French bulldog overwhelmed by the new bed

"Oh my god, a new cuddly bed with my toys in it! I'm going crazy!", The French bulldog Pixel is happy in this video. Its owners bought the cute dog a new bed and of course the curious guy wants to try it out right away.

The little cheeky little dog bravely grabs his new sleeping basket and whirls it wildly through the hallway. The toy previously neatly placed in it falls on the floor, which doesn't bother the playful four-legged friend in the slightest. The hooligan grabs his new bedchamber with his teeth and swings his head back and forth. The French bulldog obviously wants to put the bed to the acid test.

But that's not all: after the cute animal has finished the nibble test, it tries to carry the cuddly bed around on its head. The little clumsy runs against the wall several times. After this exciting experience, the little four-legged friend has to rest and is watched by the house cat. "Pretty crazy, this dog!", She probably thinks. Gorgeous!

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