Ducklings vs. Steps: "Go on, you can do it!"

Ducklings vs. Steps: "Go on, you can do it!"

Climbing stairs is not that easy for the little ducklings in the video. While her mom is patiently waiting for her baby animals at the top of the stairs, the cute offspring tries to overcome the small hurdle.

The little ducklings jump up the stairs excitedly. But hardly jumped up, the clumsy ducklings still lack a sense of balance and so they plop down the step again. Each of the hearty animals jumps up several times, but initially without success. But then the spell seems broken: Some babies climb the first step and shortly afterwards the next one and quickly run to their mother.

The other siblings want to do the same to them and do their best. Little by little, each chick manages to get to his mom. The last feather animal takes a little time and goes deep inside before it takes the decisive leap upwards and joins its family. Cute, like a duck lady shows her children that she takes care of them and at the same time shows them how to overcome hurdles in life. Well done!

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