Street musician has a very sweet kitten audience

Street musician has a very sweet kitten audience

Anyone who claims that cats have no sense of art is wrong. This video is proof. It shows four purring culture fans who honor a street musician. The Samtpfoten-Quartet listens so intensely as if it wanted to absorb every single note of the song. Something sweet!

Four cats who may not be the only listeners to a street musician. That's why they stand in the front row - and rightly so.
"Hey, guys, do you see the man grabbing the strings? It's great."
"One-a, I see it that way too."
"Yes, good sound, no question."
"Wait a minute" (cocks his head) "Did he just gamble?"
"Nonsense, look, now it really works."
There remains an old principle, which is confirmed once again in the case of music-loving kittens: street musicians and street cats have to stick together.

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