Ragdoll tomcat Timo loves his doll's bed

Ragdoll tomcat Timo loves his doll's bed

If Ragdoll tomcat Timo can do one thing better than play, then it's relaxing. The bushy house tiger makes itself comfortable in hammocks, flower beds and everywhere else. Then the new doll bed in his area comes in handy, as can be seen in this video.

Ragdoll tomcat Timo thinks you're never too old for doll beds. For a short time, the new property in its area is eyed curiously, sniffed - and found good. Because just a few minutes later he made himself comfortable on the soft bed.

Even Timo's roommate, the otherwise rather shy British Shorthair Cleo, cannot resist the plush, pretty doll's bed on wheels and also wants to take a closer look at the sleeper. But friendship ends with cosiness!

Timo doesn't want to share and defends "his" doll's bed against Cleo. Afterwards, the pretty Ragdoll tomcat turns around comfortably and contently on his bed and continues his favorite activity: relaxing.

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