How expensive is it to neuter a cat? Costs to the veterinarian

How expensive is it to neuter a cat? Costs to the veterinarian

How much does a veterinarian cost when neutering a cat? This regulates the fee schedule for veterinarians and depends on whether you want to neuter a female cat or a cat. The cost of neutering your cat should be factored in before you buy - Shutterstock / nalinratphi

The cost of neutering your cat should be factored in before you buy - Shutterstock / nalinratphi Check with your veterinarian about the cost of neutering your cat - Shutterstock / Mr.Nikon

Castrating your cat has many advantages. The costs can vary in amount, even if veterinarians generally have to adhere to the fee schedule for veterinarians. The fee schedule sets certain minimum and maximum prices. Nevertheless, there are various circumstances that can have an impact on castration costs.

What is the average cost of castration?

If you have your cat neutered, you must expect veterinary costs to average 87 euros according to the fee regulation. At least if it is an uncomplicated procedure. Veterinarians can charge up to three times the rate of the fee schedule. This means that the cost of castration can reach an average of 260 euros - depending on the circumstances, even more expensive.

What are the costs for a cat castration?

Usually the total cost of neutering a cat is made up of the following:

● preliminary examination
● Anesthetic syringe
● castration (actual operation)
● Waxing syringe

However, there may be additional costs. In the next section, you can read what they can be.

What causes additional costs with a castration of cats?

First of all, it depends on the sex of your pet how much you have to spend on neutering. If you want to neuter your cat, the costs are at least around 65 euros.

The procedure is more complicated and therefore more expensive for a female cat. Expect total costs of at least 110 euros on average. However, veterinarians are authorized to request double or triple the rate for castration.

The following factors can also increase the price:

● Additional examinations of the cat's state of health
● Other anesthetic technique if your cat is in poor health
● Neck brace or body for wound protection after castration
● Follow-up examinations, for example pulling threads
● medication if necessary

If there are unexpected complications that result in a stay in the veterinary clinic or the veterinarian has to keep an eye on your cat for a longer period of time, the costs can skyrocket at short notice.

Emergency castration is also more expensive because it is scheduled at short notice and the veterinarian has to react quickly.

When does the vet have to anesthetize the cat?

Sometimes it is unavoidable to give an anesthetic to a cat - for example with a ...

Avoid surprises: consult with the veterinarian

In order to be able to calculate the veterinary costs as precisely as possible, you should first consult with the veterinarian you trust. This will also clarify the operational procedure and preventive and follow-up care for your cat.

A comparison of different veterinary practices is of course also possible. However, you should bear in mind that a long journey and a new environment may mean additional stress for the animal. To make it as easy as possible for your cat, you should therefore spend a few euros more if in doubt.

Cat castration costs too high: what to do?

There are ways that veterinarians can deviate from the mandatory fee schedule. This can be the case in justified individual cases, for example, when the veterinarian helps people in need.

Another option for cheaper or free castration is an operation that is covered with public funds, for example within the framework of a cost agreement between a veterinarian and an animal welfare association or a community.

Often castration campaigns take place in Germany, mostly organized by animal welfare - keep your eyes open afterwards and look for example on the relevant websites of various animal welfare organizations.

Here are the possibilities at a glance to manage the castration costs despite the tight budget:

● Ask for help from an animal protection organization or animal protection association.
● Have the cat neutered as part of a castration campaign.
● Ask the veterinarian if he sees an opportunity to save costs.