Cat eats too fast

Cat eats too fast

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Cat eats too fast for a dog, sleeps too much, runs too slow and has the misfortune of not being very attractive.

If you find yourself in a similar position, then the following tips can help you on your way.

Tip 1: Food and Drinks

There are numerous dog treats on the market at incredibly inflated prices. They all taste the same, and when you ask your dog to hold the ball, they all bounce off.

This is why, as a new owner, you should think about having a dog dish specifically designed for treats. The shape, the weight and the size should be designed to ensure your dog never runs out of food or treats.

Once your dog gets the hang of their new dish, there should be no problem finding treats. As for the treats themselves, do not be tempted to hand out chocolate and sweets. Instead, stick to healthy foods.

Tip 2: House and Office

Dogs are intelligent creatures, and like their wild cousins, they are very easily trned. So, once your dog has adjusted to their new home, it is vital that you create trning scenarios that work for both of you.

The key to this is keeping your dog busy. While it is common for dogs to become bored, it is important that you make them an integral part of your dly routine.

They should not spend a majority of their time lying around, although you should still ensure that they are in an active environment. Even though it is likely that your dog spends a large part of their day asleep, the dog dish, and the fact that you are around at all times, ensures that your dog will never get too bored.

It also ensures that you are the alpha in the house. All that they hear is you ordering them around and them accepting the command.

Remember, there is nothing more irritating than waking up at 4am to find a dog curled up in your bed, and that is why you need to make sure that you are the one who goes to bed first. That way your dog knows they should be in their own bed before they turn in.

Also, if you work at home, you may want to work from a separate bedroom and only allow your dog to visit when you are at work. This way they know that when you come home, they have to stay at the end of the bed.

Lastly, take advantage of the fact that dogs are very clean animals. As such, even though they may be destructive in some aspects of their care, they are generally very good about taking care of themselves. It is vital that you take advantage of this, and ensure that your dog is never left to clean themselves.

This will provide them with a strong sense of independence and pride.

Finally, a key factor in any dog’s happiness is companionship. As such, try to spend as much time as you can with your dog. This will provide them with a strong sense of community. Also, ensure that they always have a secure and stable place to go. In particular, if they are prone to destructive behaviour, be sure to place them where they cannot get loose.

This will ensure that they do not cause too much trouble, and that you can mntn your home to a standard you are happy with. Also, it will allow you to relax knowing they are in a safe and protected area.

In summary, it is important that you do all that you can to make your dog happy, as this will provide you with an unconditional friend, and companion for life. This will make your relationship with your dog one that will never be forgotten.


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Paul 8 months ago

Nice article. This is very true.

Gigi 7 months ago

My dog is 5 years old but never leave her alone. Her happiness is one of my concerns.

I agree with your advice to make a pet a priority. They are also easy to trn so will be very handy. I also agree that it is important to make your home a safe haven. Dogs tend to wander but they have been trned to go back to their area. They are smart dogs.


3 years ago

It is really important to let our animals be part of our lives. This should be first choice.

Verna Williams 7 months ago

I love this article! I agree that owning a pet dog or cat is so much fun because it will always bring happiness to one's heart. I am also a huge fan of making sure my pets are always happy and have their own space in the house. I love to spend quality time with them and making sure they are getting attention and exercise. Thanks for the tips!


3 years ago

Dogs can have a great impact on family life, but I’m afrd they don’t get the credit they deserve.


3 years ago

I would love to have a dog but my family won't allow it. As soon as i mention it they say "are you insane?". I would love to go to my in-laws place and let the dog come with me. Do you have any suggestion of what to say to them when they say this?


3 years ago

Hi, i love the article. I had a dog in the past who died of a heart attack. I also would like to have a pet but i have had 2 cats in the past. I have always wanted a dog agn. The problem is that I'm just not financially able to do so. I think i'm going to be adopting an older dog soon but I'm not sure. I can't wt! Thanks.


4 years ago

Hey I love reading your tips I would like to get a pet I have a dog when I was younger but it became too much for us to have to care for I still love dogs and if the right one comes along I will be fine with it. I have allergies so I love reading tips on how to get along with the allergens and keeping them healthier.


4 years ago

Dogs are a great love and companion animal.I really miss my last dog that i have and it breaks my heart to see dogs homeless all over.I understand it is a very different culture than in the USA.I have a friend who recently adopted a shelter dog from Canada for herself and her sons.She had to pay for the dog's first month's crate stay.The owner put in money and pd for the dog's food for the next 4 weeks.This is good and bad.The vet checks the dog every week and treats it on a budget.It is good because they are not going through a lot of money on a monthly basis to feed the dog but it is bad because it could make the dog sick.If the dog has no accidents and the vet does not think the dog needs any medical treatment it will continue on this monthly system.My friend has always been in charge of the money and will pay for the vet's visits but the vet just has to say it is okay.There is a chance that he will be okay and she will need to change the way she thinks about the money she gives the vet.I am just in the process of getting to know my 2 little cats and they are great companions and love but they do have needs.I will need to know what to expect in the adoption process of dogs.I do hope that you can help me in this.Thank you Lisa


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