How big do ragdoll cats get

How big do ragdoll cats get

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How big do ragdoll cats get?

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We’ve all seen these ragdoll cats on websites. Ragdoll cats are a fun alternative to regular cats and they are perfect for the children in your life. It’s the combination of cute cats in a ragdoll outfit with colourful patterns, a heart cut out of their chest, that’s the real treat here.

If you’re thinking of getting a Ragdoll cat for the kids in your life, it’s always worth looking at the size. You never know if there might be a bit of a weight limit and you don’t want to buy something that’s going to be too big.

Luckily for you we’ve got all the information you need right here, so read on to find out exactly how big a ragdoll cat can be.

How big can ragdoll cats get?

The size of a ragdoll cat varies depending on which manufacturer they are made by. There are a number of different brands of ragdoll cats on the market, so it’s good to check the sizing before you buy to avoid any disappointment.

The two mn brands are Lola and Hello Kitty.

Lola are known for their ragdoll cats which are a very popular choice with younger kids. Lola Ragdoll Cats are the smallest of the 2 mn brands. This makes them ideal for younger children who may not have grown into the weight limit of the next brand.

They’re not really too heavy so it’s also suitable for children who are a little older. It’s still a little on the small side, so Lola Ragdoll cats tend to be around 25-35cm in height.

Lola Ragdoll Cats are the most popular option as they come in all sizes and ages, so you’re likely to find one that will fit your child’s needs.

Hello Kitty are another popular brand, so you’ll likely find they’re the option you go for if you want a more standard sized Ragdoll cat. They’re a great option if you’re looking to introduce a little more variety to your child’s collection of toys.

If you’re looking for a larger Ragdoll cat, there are a number of other brands that come with larger sizes. The brands I’ve listed below will give you a better idea of what to expect in terms of the size of your cat.

1. Lola Ragdoll Cats

Lola Ragdoll Cats are the most popular option on the market and they come in both a small and large size.

The small version of the Lola Ragdoll cat is the best fit for a younger child as it only comes in sizes of 25-35cm. The big version, however, is ideal for older children and it comes in sizes of 50-75cm. It’s much larger, so you can be sure your child will have plenty of room for it to move around and stretch its paws!

2. Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty are also a popular brand, so you’re likely to find a couple of different options avlable. You can buy them in either small or large sizes.

The large sizes tend to be around 45-65cm, which is a great size for an older child. They’re a little on the big side so you’ll have to ensure there’s plenty of space in your child’s room for them to move around.

3. Sassycats

Sassycats is a newer brand on the market, so it’s worth checking out. They’re the first company to offer a Ragdoll cat that can be fitted with a headband which is perfect for a younger child.

The size of the Sassycats Ragdoll cat is perfect for toddlers and young children. It comes in sizes of 22-36cm, which is a pretty generous size. If your child likes this one they’ll be able to use it for a long time. It’s very easy to change their outfit and they can get into all sorts of different poses, so your child will definitely be able to enjoy playing with them.

4. Ragdollcat

Ragdollcat is another newer brand that’s starting to appear on the market. They offer some great features such as a stretchable tummy band. This means the Ragdollcat is the perfect fit for any child and it won’t matter if your child is a little bigger or smaller.

The Ragdollcat is also a good brand for older children, as the sizes go as high as 50cm. This is a big size and your child will definitely have plenty of room to move around.

5. Nala the Ragdoll Cat

Nala the Ragdoll Cat is a good option for younger children. This brand offers a really good fit for smaller children and it comes in sizes of 28cm-36cm.

There is a tummy band that’s also stretchable which helps make the Ragdoll cat a good option for all children. The brand even offer a Ragdoll cats that comes in two different outfits.

6. Rascal

Rascal is another newer brand on the market. The Ragdoll cat they sell comes in sizes of 28cm-42cm and it’s a really good fit for younger children.

They’re also great for older children, because the larger sizes tend to be around 50cm and they’re still really small. This means your child will have plenty of space to move around and play with them, without the Ragdoll cat being too big.

7. Kitty Bop

Kitty Bop is another newer brand on the market. They