The most popular cat toy: fun factor high 10

The most popular cat toy: fun factor high 10

Cats are very playful animals. But what is the most popular cat toy? In the photo gallery, present five toys that your four-legged friends are guaranteed not to get bored with. Cat fishing: Wakes up the hunting instinct in the cat - Image: Shutterstock / Simone van den Berg

Cat fishing: Wakes up the hunting instinct in the cat - Image: Shutterstock / Simone van den Berg Cat playing on the fiddle board. Here is a nice homemade - Picture: Youtube / leoflixi Catnip toys: The latest trend among the most popular cat toys - Image: Shutterstock / Knumina Studios Laser pointer: very fun, but also dangerous - Image: CC: Flickr / magilla 03 / David McGregor Cardboard boxes: A simple but effective toy for cats - Image: Shutterstock / Alaskaphoto

Does the most popular cat toy have to be expensive and extravagant? Not at all! At the top of the list are simple things: boxes. The cats can hide in the packaging boxes and are fascinated by the crunching and crackling noises. If something breaks, it is not worth mentioning. The next box is still somewhere on the cupboard and will not be used anyway.

Laser pointer: be careful when playing

A laser pointer also promises an enormous fun factor. As soon as the cuddly four-legged friends discover the red dot on the floor or on the wall, they become a "big cat" and want to capture it, as this video impressively proves. But this extremely enjoyable game also requires special caution: as with humans, you should never shine in the eyes of animals, as this can lead to serious injuries. Here you will learn a lot of useful information about playing with the laser pointer.

Fun for velvet paws with a cat fishing rod and fiddle board

A real classic among the most popular cat toys is the cat fishing. Similar to the laser pointer, mistress or master can keep his cat busy. In the meantime, there are even "professional" fishing rods that generate bird noises to fuel the hunting instinct. Maybe not quite as well known, but the fiddle board is also particularly fun. Here, too, cats can live out their playful hunting instincts by trying to pick food from permanently installed boxes, cans and bowls. You don't even have to buy this popular toy: Mistresses and mistresses have at least as much fun as their cat if you make a fiddle board yourself.

Catnip toys put cats into a frenzy

Last but not least, Catnip toys promise huge fun for the velvet paws. The term hides toys that have been treated with catnip. Due to the mint, the cat gets into a frenzy of play without being endangered in any way. The best Catnip toys can be found here.

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  • 30-04-2014 21:04:05

    nadinelau35: I don't have a cat toy from the store. Everything my cat needs is either from my household or an old cuddly toy from my children. And so far it has worked wonderfully. To be honest, I don't think anything about lasers. They only confuse the animal. Report abuse
  • person

    18-03-2014 09:03:03

    mauricekuhne: I don't think of laser pointers for cats. You can find good cat toys in every household. Everyone has a ball or cuddly toy at home that the cat can play with. Just take a look around. Report abuse
  • 25-02-2014 09:02:18

    biancasturmer16: My cat loves her cat toy. I actually think she has more to play with than my kids used to. But cats also need a lot to keep themselves busy. I keep a purely domestic cat. It is rarely allowed in the garden. So she needs employment for it. Report abuse
  • 20-02-2014 13:02:47

    johannesgebel92: I don't think much of cat toys. I don't have a cat myself but my girlfriend. And she literally bombards her with toys. A scratching post and maybe a ball are enough. The animals are supposed to go outside in the garden. They have enough to play with. Report abuse
  • 18-02-2014 09:02:36

    barbel scarf: Unfortunately my cat does not use any cat toys. We bought her so much. She doesn't like any of that. She prefers to play around on our wall and we cannot train her. Report abuse
  • 10-02-2014 23:02:05

    sabineschul: I bought so much cat toy for my cat. And what did she fall in love with ?! In my old teddy bears, of course. She loves to play with him. Report abuse
  • person

    02-12-2013 03:12:05

    johannawechseller: Great tips. I always like to look for new ideas for good cat toys. Although I don't think a laser pointer is good for animals. I wouldn't buy one. Report abuse
  • 10-03-2013 23:03:28

    susanneschm: Our Maine Coon tomcat struts around like "Django", also a little wide-legged and instead of Colts right and left "he" wears a lot of protruding fur on the thighs ... Report abuse