Caution: dangerous Christmas decoration for cats

Caution: dangerous Christmas decoration for cats

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As beautiful and festive as it looks: Christmas decorations and festive accessories can be dangerous for cats. You can read here which festive decorations you should pay particular attention to and why. Tinsel and other Christmas decorations can be dangerous for cats - Image: Shutterstock / Lisa A.

Glittering, in the form of a ball, excitingly new and then attached to a great climbing tree: Christmas decorations can be incredibly tempting for cats. If the kitty steals such a utensil, it can end dangerously.

Christmas decorations: Not a good cat toy

Christmas decorations made of thin glass break quickly when your cat climbs on the Christmas tree and throws the Christmas balls down. Your pet can be seriously injured. A lot of jewelry is also covered with feathers, glass wool or tinsel, which your velvet paw could chew and swallow. That would also be very dangerous, as there is a risk of an intestinal obstruction.

Gift ribbon and wrapping paper

Most cat owners have already experienced that cats love gift ribbons. If the velvet paws play with it, then only under the supervision of the owner and, of course, without getting involved or eating anything of it. You can strangle or swallow it unattended while playing - that too could cause dangerous bowel obstruction. The latter danger also threatens with swallowed snippets of wrapping paper - so always pack both away well after use so that your pet cannot reach them.

Cat toy for a good mood and against winter fatigue

It is getting colder outside and many room tigers are already suffering from winter tiredness. So that the winter bacon ...

Dangerous gift bags

Playing with gift bags can also be dangerous, especially if plastic bags are involved. The plasticizers it contains are very unhealthy and at the same time tempt a pet to chew on them. There is also a risk of suffocation if the cat climbs into it. In addition, the handles of a gift bag can be doomed to house tigers if they get caught in them. It's best to cut them off.

Tinsel and fairy lights

Cats also often see tinsel as a toy or feast. This is both unhealthy and associated with a high risk of intestinal obstruction. Fairy lights should be attached out of reach, especially with lively house tigers. You could get tangled in it with some bad luck, or bite into it and get an electric shock.

You can find out about other potential sources of danger as a cat owner during the Christmas season here: Christmas season with cats: dangers and toxic food.