Laser pointer for cats: dangerous or great fun?

Laser pointer for cats: dangerous or great fun?

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Laser pointers for cats are a very popular cat toy. The instinctive hunting behavior is awakened as soon as the red dot hisses over the floor and furniture! However, laser pointers can be dangerous if you are not careful, and there is a risk of frustration if you do not end up with prey. Here are the most important tips for the safe use of cat toys. This cat is curiously eyeing the red point of light from the laser pointer - Shutterstock / borzywo

Laser pointers are ideal for cats to playfully pursue their hunting instinct. Almost every velvet paw immediately pays full attention to the shining point and chases after it or lurks behind a corner. Advantage: Because the light beam has a long range, the entire room suddenly becomes a play arena for cats. Mistresses or masters don't even have to get up to be fun with their darling. A short game session can therefore be built in anytime and anywhere.

Laser pointer: Danger to your cat's eyes

Important tip: When playing with the laser pointer, make absolutely sure that the light beam never hits the eyes of your house tiger - this can result in eye injuries. For this reason, the Veterinary Association for Animal Welfare (TVT) even advises against using laser pointers as cat toys. It is also dangerous for humans if the bundled light rays hit the eye: optic nerve and retina can be damaged. Since cat eyes are many times more sensitive to light than human eyes, the risk of visual damage in cats is even greater.

If you still do not want to do without the red dot for your four-legged friend, you should pay as much attention to the laser beam while playing as your cat. Also make sure that the laser does not get into the cat's eyes via reflections on glass or mirrors. It is best to keep it strictly on the floor and avoid fast, uncontrolled movements when playing. If you are unsure whether you will be able to keep the light beam completely out of the cat's eyes, it is better to play it safe and use another toy.

Laser toys with random generator: hands off!

Some of the shops also have cat toys with laser pointers that randomly throw light rays here and there. It is not advisable to do this as you have no control over whether the rays hit the cat's eyes or not. In addition, these devices cause stress on the velvet paws, as the light points that jump back and forth can overwhelm the cat. In any case, it is more beneficial for the human-cat relationship if you play something with your cat.

Four toy mice to keep your cat busy

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Reward for the successful laser pointer hunt

If you are careful, you can still let your cat race through the apartment in pursuit of the point of light. However, don't forget to reward your velvet paw in the end. Because it is important that after a nerve-wracking hunt it also has a sense of achievement and can kill and eat the "prey". This is not possible with a laser pointer, which is why other interactive cat toys should finally be used. Alternatively, you can reward your cat's play instinct with a few treats.

This video shows how exciting the hunt for the red dot can be: